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ck105.gif (20324 bytes) Basic Wiring Kit (CK105)


CK-105 Basic Wiring Kit.  NO transformer The CK105 kit contains all the parts necessary to tapewire a 5 to 6-room dollhouse. You decide which transformer is most suitable for your wiring needs. Instructions and wiring diagram included. Lowest price wiring kit on the market!

CONTENTS:  15' of tape-wire, pilot-hole punch w/needles, lead-in wire w/switch, junction splice, test probe, one pack of 1/8" brass brads

Starter Wiring Kit (CK101)
UP TO 16 BULBS at 12V each


This Starter kit is the leading lighting kit in the industry today and contains everything needed to completely wire a 6 room dollhouse. The "wiring" consists of an easy to apply 2 - conductor tapewire with copper foils imbedded between layers of transparent tape. The detailed and illustrated instructions in each kit describe all the tasks for completing an electrical installation. .
CONTENTS: 15' Roll Conductive Tapewire, Transformer with built-in circuit breaker, Junction Splice, Transformer Lead-In Wire (w/switch), Pilot Hole Punch (w/needles), Instruction Book, 1/8" Brass Brads (approx. 60), Small Hollow Eyelets (approx. 60), No. 55 Drill Bit Test Probe.

Large House Wiring Kit (CK103)
(UP TO 33 BULBS at 12V each)


Our popular Large House wiring kit has all the basic Starter Kit items plus a double quantity of tapewire, eyelets and brads. These added items will easily allow the wiring of a 10 to 12 room dollhouse. A special circuit-breaker protected 20 watt transformer is included to provide power for up to 33 12-volt or 46 16-volt GOW bulbs. An in-line power switch provides on/off light control without the need of disconnecting the lead-in wire from the dollhouse.
CONTENTS: In-line on/off power switch, 2 15'Rolls of Conductive Tapewire, Junction Splice, Transformer Lead-In Wire (w/switch), 12V, 2OW Plug-In Transformer (w /built-in circuit breaker), Pilot Hole Punch (w /needles), Instruction Book, 2 packs of 1/8" Brads (approx. 120), 2 packs of Small Hollow Eyelets (approx. 120), 1 No. 55 Drill Bit, Test Probe

Round Wire Kit (CK104)


Our CK104 kit was developed especially for round wiring enthusiasts and includes the most comprehensive and exhaustive round wire instructions ever written. Profusely illustrated, the instruction book contains a wealth of new wiring techniques and electrification tips. The instructions cover the wiring of both open back and open front type dollhouses or combinations thereof. In addition, separate sections are included describing both surface and routed wire layouts.

Deluxe Wiring Kit (CK100)


If you're looking for that one kit to wire your entire dollhouse, the CK100 Deluxe Wiring Kit is the answer. This high-powered kit contains all the basic items included in the Large House Kit, plus a larger 40 watt transformer, and provides a substantial cost savings for those wishing to equip their dollhouse with working outlets and plugs. Its triple quantity of tape will wire a 12 to 15-room dollhouse and the powerful 40-watt transformer will light up to 64 12-volt or 100 16-volt bulbs. Two cut-glass ceiling globes provide a sparkling light source for any room and the CK204 tester makes easy work of all electrical testing. In addition, eight of our popular plugs and outlets are included in each kit for that final touch of realism.

As for economy the CK100 kit provides a 15 to 20% savings over the purchase of parts on an individual basis. It's a great buy and a great name; Cir-Kit Concepts!

Power Strip Wiring Kit (CK106)



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