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Ceiling Canopy, Brass Plated     CK800   



The remarkable Cir-Kit Concepts' CK800 ceiling canopy makes any chandelier removable with just a "twist of the wrist". A quarter turn clockwise for installation and a quarter turn back for removal. Nothing could be simpler! And the rich plating will compliment even the most ornate of hanging fixtures. You're sure to agree it's the easiest method yet for installing ceiling chandeliers. Complete instructions included. Available in either brass or gold plating

Sconce Adapter, Round    CK801  

Sconce Adapter, Hex    CK801-1  

Spring Loaded Eyelets (2 pack)     CK1023-6  




At last, an easy solution to one of the most vexing miniature wiring problems; sconce installation. Invariably this task has meant the grooving of walls or the placement of sconces on inside walls only. With our CK801 Sconce Adapter these problems are simply a bad memory. Installation can now be made on any wall; exterior or interior.

Using the sconce adapter, a sconce may be installed on either a vertical or horizontal tape run and may be rotated up to 30 degrees in either direction for perfect alignment.

The adapter ring is fully brass plated making it suitable for even the most ornate of wall fixtures. Complete step-by-step instructions, with detailed illustrations, are included in each package.

Extra hollow eyelets are available in CK1023-6 (2 pack) packages.

Chandelier Adapter    $7.96
(15/32" diameter) (CK804)

Chandelier Adapter     $7.96
(19/32" diameter) (CK804-1)

Chandelier Adapter    $7.96
(11/16" diameter) (CK804-2)

Chandelier Adapter    $7.96
(27/32" diameter) (CK804-3)

Spring Loaded Eyelets    $2.96
(2 pack) (CK1023-6)

CK1023_6_sm.gif (5219 bytes)

Finished lamp, plugged into ceiling

(Lamp, exploded view)

Extra spring-loaded eyelets are available
in CK1023-6 (2 pack) packages - $1.98

Power Strip Wiring Kit
CK106    $38.96


The Ceiling Plate allows any light to be mounted on the same surface as the tape run and become a truly "plug-in" fixture.
CK806 Ceiling Plate             $7.96
CK806-1 Black Ceiling Plate   $7.96


Cir-Kit Concepts is proud to announce its latest marvel, a push-in, pull-out chandelier adapter. For the first time ever, chandeliers can now be made removable using the ceiling plate that is part of most chandelier designs.

The secret of these adapters lies in the use of specially designed spring-loaded eyelets. These eyelets firmly grasp the adapter and securely hold the chandelier to the ceiling. Tests have shown them capable of holding fixtures in excess of four ounces. Most chandeliers weigh in at less than an ounce.

Four different diameters allow usage with almost any existing size chandelier. The brass-plated finish and flush fit results in a matching and beautifully coordinated ceiling plate assembly. When attached they will, in most instances, appear as an integral part of the chandelier ceiling plate itself.

Just remember you needn't perform major surgery to make your chandelier a plug-in. All that's necessary is a Cir-Kit Concepts' chandelier adapter.

Extra spring-loaded eyelets are available in CK1023-6 (2 pack) packages.

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