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Miniatures in 1" Scale
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Glues & Adhesives
from FINGERTIP FANTASIES Dollhouse Miniatures

DAD26    $7.99
Decorator Glue
Thick glue, which like Tacky Glue dries clear overnight.
It has instant stronger hold around corners and on
vertical surfaces whilst also allowing repositioning.
Bonds: fabric, paper, plastic, wood, metal, leather, silk,
glass and painted and varnished surfaces. plastic metal

C3661       $6.50
Clear Museum Wax 2 oz.  
"The Professional's Choice"
A wax adhesive for miniatures. 
Will not stain finishes or dry out.

WB-160   5.4 oz. (160 ml.)   $6.80

Weldbond Adhesive - Ready to use, nothing to mix.  Wood, glass, ceramics,
porous and non-porous surfaces — Weldbond bonds anything to anything 
(with the exception of some types of rubber, plastic, and cast metals). 
It's non-toxic, odorless, and cleans up with water. It dries completely within an 
hour of application and is transparent when fully bonded.

WELDBOND adhesive is not just another white glue, it’s the world’s
most versatile adhesive. GLUE, SEALER, HARDENER, WEATHER PROOFER,
DUST PROOFER and BONDING AGENT  Weldbond with a catalyzed polyvinyl acetate,
it looks like white glue, but that’s where the similarity ends. With a few exceptions,
it will bond most anything, making it an extremely useful product. 
Completely safe to use, non toxic * Indefinite shelf life * Water resistant * Use inside or out.

Gloop:  8 oz. jar  $13.30

Our latex-based dollhouse adhesive, designed to
bond large scale textured pattern sheets to
wooden building shells. A trowelable creamy
adhesive which will not react with the pattern
sheet material and is excellent for sheet styles
which are deeply drawn. Gloop allows
positioning, is non-toxic and washes up
with water before setting.

New Creations Wallpaper Gel
Activates Pre-Pasted Wallpaper
"No Water, No Mess"
$7.00 - 10 oz.
$5.00 - 5 oz.

STICK'M: Double-sided contact film   $5.49

Excellent for flat surface bonding and laminating of
most materials where long term stress on the bond
is not a factor. Material has removable
contact paper on both sides.

Beacon 527       $5.25
Great for use on china, ceramics, metal, tile,
shells, gems, leather, paper, cork, glass,
wood, cardboard & many more common materials.

Dries crystal clear, fast drying and flexible.
Super strong formula is waterproof.



Architectural Accents Fences Porch & Newel Posts
Balconies Fimo Shingles, Ceilings
 & Roofing
Balusters Flat Decorative Trims Shutters
Banisters Flooring Staircases
Basic Trim Shapes 
(stripwood, corner Angle, channel,
round, half round, quarter round,
cove, & double bead)
Glues Trims
Baseboard Molding Hardware
Housework's Ltd.
Porch Rails
Bricks & Stones Hardware
Classics by
Handley House
Windows & Pediments
by Houseworks
Chimneys Lattice Panels Windows
Classics by
Handley House
Cornice and Crown Molding Lights Dormers &
Other Windows
By Housework's
Magic Systems Wainscot Panels, 
Trim & Chair Rail
Doors Garage Millwork Window and Door Casing 

Classics by
Handley House

Newel Posts Wood Siding
Electrical Paneling & Wainscoting 1/2" Scale
Embossed Trim Picture Frame Trim Playscale






 Miniature Ramblings
Accessories China Food, Groceries
& Staples
Linens Seasonal
Furniture Medieval Armour
Antique Weapons
Sewing Items
Angels, Fairies &
Fairy Gardens
Cookware Furniture Kits Miniature Books Tea Sets
Animals Dollhouses Garden Miniature Tools Tools for
Electrical General Store Model Builders
Bed Dressings Fairy Gardens Glassware


Bespaq Gifts Hobbies
& Professional
People Window Decor
Brass Flooring
& Carpet
Holiday Picture Frames Playscale
Flowers Kitchen Room Boxes
& Kits
1/2" Scale








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