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Petite Eats & Mini Treats  by Sydnie Wagner
Over 40 Fabulous foods with Fimo .

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Through The Looking Glass by Ann Ruble of Nutshell News
Step beyond the looking glass and begin a wondrous journey through the world of dollhouse miniatures. This is an enchanted place where dreams become reality, and magic is an every day occurrence. Join the editors of Nutshell News, the leading miniatures magazine, on an exclusive private tour of some of the most prestigious collections and impressive scale dwellings the miniatures world has to offer. In over 300 beautiful color photographs, you will discover a wealth of ideas for your own
decorating and crafting projects. Houses, shops, rooms, castles, landscapes, furniture, and accessories are lavishly portrayed for your enjoyment. Come, let the adventure-and the magic-begin…
boy010.jpg (9989 bytes) BOY010 Chrysnbon Cut-Ups, by J. Berman. "Kit-bashing" book using Chrysnbon kits. Make beds, tables, plant stands, etc. 20 pages. $6.95
floraldesingssm.jpg (7087 bytes) BOY018 Period Floral Designs In Miniature, by Donna Hendricks, Judy Otto & Marge Shapler.
Learn how flowers and flower arranging were a major part of the decor and furnishings, social history, and decorative design of the following periods: Louis XIV, Oriental, Georgian, Colonial, Victorian, and Contemporary.  Create floral arrangements using a variety of materials.  Also, follow step-by-step complete instructions and diagrams to make such arrangements as: Bonsai tree, wax flowers under dome, tulips in delft tile, west point urns, tussie mussie, and a cactus garden.
boy012sm.jpg (12977 bytes) BOY012 Meyer's Homemade Meals, by B. Meyer. How-to instructions for creating miniature homemade foods from bread dough, Fimo, resin and paints. Suitable for beginners as well as experienced crafters. 20 pages. $5.95
pittypatsm.jpg (8035 bytes) BOY022 The Practicality of Pitty-Pat, by T. Tepper. Furniture pieces and accessories made with fabric, glue, cardboard, and teim. Minimal sewing involved. 20 pages. $5.95
boy030.jpg (8109 bytes) BOY030 The Wonderful World of Ceramics, by P.A.Nicholas. The photos and instructions in this book take the guesswork out of miniature ceramics. 20 pages. $4.95
boy040fimoleathertn.jpg (7942 bytes) BOY040  


FIMO LEATHER, by Esther Olson.  By following the easy directions to make FIMO "leather," you can craft slimmers, loafers, high heels and more.

boy044.jpg (3448 bytes) BOY044 Judee's Beds, by J. Williamson. Nine beds to add to your miniatures collection complete with pictures, diagrams, and instructions. Make her "Jennifer" bed or one of the eight variations. 52 pages. $9.50
boy048.jpg (8546 bytes) BOY048 Meyer's Bread Dough Menagerie, by B.A. Meyer. Make a zoo-full of delightful bread dough animals by following the directions and designs inside this book. Each is easy to make using white bread, glue and paint. Suitable for Fimo. 18 pages. $6.95
boy116sm.jpg (8555 bytes) BOY116 Christmas Confections, by N. Ranney. Over 40 Williamsburg-style holiday decorations and foods designed in miniature are featured in this book. 20 pages. $5.95
boy122.jpg (8532 bytes) BOY122 Contemporary Living, by H. Ruthenberg. Step-by-step photos, instructions and diagrams show you how to make contemporary miniature furniture. Love seat, corner table, cocktail table and lamp featured. 16 pages. $5.50
boy134.jpg (3152 bytes) BOY134 Dollhouse Lighting Electrification in Miniature, by B. Warner. Clear step-by-step directions on how to wire a dollhouse, with suggestions on choosing systems and trouble shooting. 36 pages. $9.49
BOY138 Basic Landscaping in Miniature, by Dot Moore & Candi Moore
This book is designed general information about creating landscapes and project instructions for making the landscape shown on the cover.
boy139.jpg (10680 bytes) BOY139 Cupboards, Safes and Hutches, by K. McCoy. Includes complete dimensional drawings, instructions and full-size patterns in both 1" and " scale. 28 pages. $7.95
BOY140 The Magic of Magic Systems, by M. Beacham. A creative how-to book showing the diversity of Magic Systems products. Fourteen brick, stone, stucco, block and slate projects are included. 20 pages. $7.49
BOY720 Holiday Domes, by A.Marselli. Twelve projects to build within an 8" dome are featured in this book. These seasonal vignettes are presented with patterns and instructions. 84 pages. $6.95
boy730sm.jpg (8225 bytes) BOY730 Building With Bob, by B. Porter. Reprinted from the Nutshell News' series on dollhouse finishing techniques, this book features all the necessary steps and ideas to take you from roofind to wallpapering. 36 pages. $7.95
  DOR001 19th Century Country Furniture, Cabinet Makers Guide for Dollhouse Furniture #1, by H. Dorsette. Over twenty-five pieces of furniture complete with patterns and instructions. Many of the pieces are suitable for the novice crafter. 27 pages loose leaf design Packet. $12.75
  DOR003 Jacobean and William & Mary Furniture (1650-1750), Cabinet Makers Guide for Dollhouse Furniture #2, by H. Dorsette. The solid, durable lines of Jacobean pieces gave way to the lighter, graceful William & Mary designs. 36pages loose leaf design Packet. $12.75
Victorian Furniture (1850-1880), Cabinet Makers Guide for Dollhouse Furniture #3, by H. Dorsette. Focuses on the Victorian styles which were the first to be factory-manufactured and widely distributed. Cottage, Louis XV and Renaissance. 30pages loose leaf design Packet. $12.75
  DOR004 Queen Anne Furniture (1720-1755), Cabinet Makers Guide for Dollhouse Furniture #4, by H. Dorsette. The commercial affluence of the American colonies during the first half of the century is reflected during this period. 36pages loose leaf design Packet. $12.75
  DOR005 Turn-Of-The-Century Oak Furniture, Cabinet Makers Guide for Dollhouse Furniture #5, by H. Dorsette. Twenty-four patterns for four rooms of furniture representing the range of styles between 1890 and 1915. 32pages loose leaf design Packet. $12.75
  DOR006 French Furniture (1715-1879), Cabinet Makers Guide for Dollhouse Furniture #6, by H. Dorsette. Patterns representing the 18th century and part of the 19th. For the moderately experienced modeler. 36 pages loose leaf design Packet. $12.75
  DOR007 Overstuffed Furniture (1875-1950), Cabinet Makers Guide for Dollhouse Furniture #7, by H. Dorsette. Turkish influence inaugurated a century of chair and sofa design in which the standard of comfort dictated the soft springing and padding of all surfaces. 28 pages loose leaf design Packet. $12.75
  DOR008 Half-Inch Scale Furniture, Cabinet Makers Guide for Dollhouse Furniture #8, by H. Dorsette. The same degree of detail is possible in half-inch scale as in one inch scale, but the techniques differ and skill required is increased. 48pages loose leaf design Packet. $14.75
  DOR009 Basic Federal Furniture, Cabinet Makers Guide for Dollhouse Furniture #9, by H. Dorsette. The stringing, banding, veneers, and flaring wood grains that are synonymous with Federal furniture are reflected here. 36 pages loose leaf design Packet. $12.75

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HW1006 Craft Designs by Rebecca Zimpher
This instructional book shows holiday and year-round craft designs using popular Housework's miniature components. Step-by-step instructions help you turn a window, door, fireplace, or bookcase into an attractive display for your home! Countless variations on eight projects. 16 pages
hw1008.gif (3813 bytes) HW1008 Everything You Wanted To Know About Dollhouses But Didn't Know Who To Ask, by N. VanHorn. This respected miniaturist shares valuable tricks of the trade in this complete step-by-step guide to finishing and decorating a dollhouse. 56 pages. Best Seller! $9.95
hw12101.jpg (3639 bytes) HW1011 Shenandoah Designs, Inc. Design Book #1, by J.H. Dorsett. Twelve furniture patterns demonstrating the fun of building miniature furniture with Shenandoah spindles. 26 pages. $6.95
  TTN5000 The Complete Guide To Tiny Turnings, by Quad Company. Over 20 projects using the versatile Tiny Turnings components. Includes furnishing for every room in the house. 20 pages. $5.50

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