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CK1015-5 CK Tape wiring DVD                 $19.96

Our tapewire instruction video is now available on DVD.  You'll see how a dollhouse is wired in stages and how easily such accessories as outlets, switches, sconces, and chandeliers may be installed, even after wallpapering for a completely finished look.

Dollhouse Lighting Book (BOY 134)                         $9.49

In a clear and straightforward manner, Barbara Warner teaches basic wiring as though you were right there in her class! Written for both tapewire and round wire, the basic techniques and easy-to-comprehend instructions take you step-by-step through any wiring/lighting project.

Tapewire Instruction Book (CK1015)                      $4.95

The clearest and most concise book on tape wiring yet written. Contains everything from a master layout drawing to instructions on the installation of all electrical components. Includes detailed "how to" illustrations on connecting wires to a plug, folding corners, wiring through hinges and "double bradding". Gives many shortcuts and money saving ideas.

How to Light Guide Book (CK1015-1)              $2.96

A most useful guide book for the beginning miniature electrician. In simple, straightforward language this booklet describes the different types of wiring available and methods of installation. A useful primer before any lighting decisions are made.

CK1015_2_sm.gif (15395 bytes) Round Wire Instruction Book (CK1015-2)         $5.96

Written for use with the CK104 wiring kit, this handbook is the most comprehensive and detailed manual on round wiring ever published. It explains, in easy to understand language, an entirely new concept in round wiring of a dollhouse. Illustrations abound depicting the wiring installation process, step-by-step.
A remarkable new technique also reveals, for the first time, how any lighting fixture may be removed and replaced in the event of lamp failure. The instructions cover both open back and open front type dollhouses. Also explained are the two methods of wiring; surface wiring for the finished or antique type dollhouse and the groove method for dollhouses under construction.
A must for anyone contemplating the use of round wire in the electrician of a dollhouse.

Colonial Dollhouse Construction (CK1015-3)        $1.96

How was a dollhouse constructed in the days of yesteryear, long before miniatures were a viable hobby? This reprint of a 1937 article will pique the interest of anyone curious about dollhouse building in the "good old days". A real keepsake! 6 page foldout brochure.

  Dollhouse Lighting with Cir-Kit Concepts Video (CK1015-4)   $19.96

In this video we introduce our new color-coded tapewire and describe how its use helps in making an error-free wiring system. Computer animation is used extensively as an aid to understanding basic wiring concepts and in the development of a house wiring diagram.

Filmed and produced by a professional film studio it reflects the high standards and dedication to excellence that have become a hallmark of the Cir-Kit Concepts name.

You'll see how a dollhouse is wired in stages and how easily such accessories as outlets, switches, sconces and chandeliers may be installed even after wallpapering for a completely finished look.

This is a must-see video for anyone wiring a dollhouse, even if you're a wiring pro. Let it be your first step towards creating a lighted masterpiece

$19.96   CK1015-4  
- Cir-Kit Concepts Tapewiring Video - Cir-Kit Concepts Tapewiring Video
$19.96   CK1015-4A - Cir-Kit Concepts Tapewiring Video (PAL English)
$19.96   CK1015-4B - Cir-Kit Concepts Tapewiring Video (PAL German)
$19.96   CK1015-4C - Cir-Kit Concepts Tapewiring Video (PAL Spanish)
$19.96   CK1015-4D - Cir-Kit Concepts Tapewiring Video (PAL French)
$19.96   CK1015-4E - Cir-Kit Concepts Tapewiring Video (French-Canada)

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