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Wall Outlet    CK1003                                  $2.48

This "to scale" dollhouse outlet is to our knowledge the smallest working outlet ever made, measuring a mere .414" high by .3" wide by .13" thick. And installation couldn't be easier. Simple place over the tape run at the desired location and pound in.

The CK1003 outlet nails are imbedded diagonally, allowing the outlet to be mounted vertically regardless of whether the tape run is vertical or horizontal. By using the CK204 Test Probe to locate the tape run, the outlet can be installed even after wallpapering.

Each outlet is constructed of tough, white plastic with tapered edges to achieve an authentic outlet look. The double set of holes will accommodate two CK1004 or CK1004-2 plugs and provides a convenient means of electrifying any miniature floor or table lamp. Each package also contains 1/4" brass brads for use as marker pins when wallpapering. 600 ma current rating.

4 Pound-In Receptacles 

HW2218   $4.50   4 pack
Four-piece set. Plug into tape wire system as a wall outlet for lamps with #2204 male plugs

CK1003-1       $5.96 4 Pack


HW2204 Male Plugs 6pc/pkg
Six-piece set. Replacement plugs forlights can be used with #2203 power strip, #2201/#2202 cords or receptacles #2218

CK1004-3(B) Male Plugs     $3.96
Most imported lamps, including the Cir-Kit line, come equipped with these larger, but not to scale,
Hong Kong type plugs. May be used with our CK1008-4 or -5 power strips or the CK1023-2 Large Hollow Eyelets.

Wall Outlet Cover    CK1003A                                            $2.48

Give a polished brass look to all your outlets. These bright and heavily engraved covers will provide a rich and finished appearance wherever they are used. The double holes allow ample space for inserting and removing either type of CK1004 plug. Simply place over outlet and press in place. 

CK1004_sm.gif (10946 bytes)
Cir-Kit Plug   CK1004                                               $2.48
Plug Pins (4 pack)   CK1005                                      $ 1.48
                          The "to scale" CK1004 Plug is made to work with the CK1003 Outlet and may be attached to the bulb wires from any lighting fixture. To make an electrical connection, stripped lamp wires are simply inserted into small holes in the side of the plug and the supplied pins pushed in from the front. Since the plug is not permanently attached to the wires it may be reused time and time again, a real plus! The plug is made of hard, white plastic and extends less than 1/4" when plugged in. Assembly instructions included. 600 ma current rating.

Hollow Tube Plug   CK1004-2                                            $2.48

The CK1004-2 is an adaptation of our regular CK1004 Plug. The wires are fed into hollow tubes imbedded in the plug and fastened using a fast drying gel type glue. This is probably the easiest technique yet for connecting lamp wires to a plug. Using the glue gel method results in an extremely aesthetic and long-lasting electrical connection. Mates with CK1003 Outlet. Assembly instructions included. 600 ma rating. 

Miniature Slide Switch   CK1011                            $6.96

The "to scale" CK1011 miniature slide switch is the first of its kind ever made in the electronics industry. Most standard models are equipped with a protruding toggle to allow electrical operation. A close look will reveal that the CK1011 has no such toggle-like feature. Instead, it is designed with a smooth sliding outer body to achieve the "on/off" operation. Why this departure from conventional logic? Ease of installation. With no protruding toggle, the switch can be easily pounded into a run without fear of damage. No more loose nails, broken toggles, or "on" position pre-setting. Only a straightforward and uncomplicated mounting procedure. Its rugged construction makes it ideal for use in even the hardest of woods. Placement has now become as simple as installing our famous CK1003 "pound-in" outlet. The complete and fully illustrated instructions included with each switch ensures a successful installation every time. Each package also contains 1/4" brass brads for use as marker pins when wallpapering. 600 ma current rating. 

Brass Switch Plate Cover   CK1011A                     $2.48

Add a finishing touch to all your CK1011 switches. This distinctive brass plate simply snap fits over the switch to give it a rich and decorative appearance. The protruding toggle enhances the "on/off" operation and provides an added look of realism.

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